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Precision Gear Racks

Precision gear racks have longer in service lives, smoother performance characteristics and more accurate pitch control than other machining techniques.

HRS can machine in straight, spur and helical tooth forms up to 45 degrees, with a 450 mm / 17.75 inch face width and height and up to 12 meters / 40 foot long.

HRS utilizes specially dedicated CNC rack cutting machines to ensure highest accuracy up to AGMA class 10 spacing tolerances.


  • Additional machining - end matching, drilling, tapping, slotting, profile milling, special coatings
  • Different material grades up to 300 BHN
  • Gear rack is available in both English and metric material dimensions
  • HRS can also produce round rack to customers specifications
  • Diametral pitch available from 64 DP to 1 DP
  • Circular pitches available up to 3.5 ins
  • Metric modular pitch available from 0.5 to 28
  • Special pitches available on request