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Lead and Power Screws

HRS manufactures all types of screws, using performance guaranteed materials and offers unique solutions to power transmission problems.

All screws are cut from performance guaranteed materials.

All screws are subject to stringent quality controls.

All screws are cut rather than rolled resulting in:

  • Greater accuracy.
  • A greater precision fit with mating nuts.
  • The thread is concentric with major diameter.
  • Superior control of cumulative pitch accuracy.


  • Whirled carbon steel and stainless steel lead screws
  • Thread milling up to 9 ¾”dia x 16 ft long and 3.5”dia x 25 ft long
  • Thread whirled up to 6 ¼” dia x 39 ft long
  • Trapezoidal, Acme, Square thread, Multi start and custom design
  • Left hand and Right hand screws
  • Metric and English leads
  • Reversing screws
  • End journal machining to customers design