With more than 50 years in operation we continue to work in many different industries.

Below is a sample list of industries:

  • Lifts and Elevators
  • Power Transmission
  • Medical Equipment
  • Machine Tool
  • Water Irrigation and Sewage
  • Transport
  • Automotive
  • Mobility Aids
  • Power Generation
  • Mechanical Handling
  • Aerospace
  • Defence
  • Oil, Gas and Offshore
  • General Engineering
  • Ship and Boat Building
  • Textile Machines
  • Theatre Stages
  • Sootblowers
  • Cranes
  • Printing Equipment
  • Blow Moulding Machinery
  • Locomotive Lifts
  • Paper Converting Machines
  • False Floors
  • Security Bollards
  • Food Industry
  • ATM Machines

These are just some of the different industries that we make parts for. If you don’t see your industry, don’t worry, please contact us.

Important legal notice: The proper selection and application of power transmission products and components, including the related area of product safety, is the responsibility of the customer. Operating and performance requirements and potential associated issues will vary appreciably depending on the use of such products and components. The scope of the technical and application information in this website is necessarily limited. Unusual operating environments and conditions, lubrication requirements, loading supports, and other factors can materially affect the application and operating results of the products and components and the customers should carefully review its requirements. Any technical advice or review furnished by HRS (Halifax Rack & Screw Cutting Co Ltd) with respect to the use of products and components is given in good faith and without charge, and HRS assumes no obligation or liability for the advice given, or results obtained, all such advice being given and accepted at customer's risk.